vGolf is the world’s first mixed reality golf simulation and training system (Pat. Pend). It revolutionizes how golfers play and train by blending the real world with a virtual reality overlay.

Look down and hit a real golf ball into a net. As you follow through, you’re surrounded in a 360° panoramic of an actual golf course such as Augusta, Pebble Beach, etc. Virtual Courses literally transports you to an actual golf course. Tee off looking at exactly what you would see if you were actually there. Teleport instantly to your next shot. Play through an entire golf course including putting on the green.

Intensify your golfing experience with new and exciting mixed reality games that track your progress and enhance your skills.

UFOs have invaded and players must knock them out of the sky. The flying saucers draw closer with each stroke. Each spaceship must be destroyed before it can disembark its invasion force. Players must complete accurate shots to achieve the highest score and prevent the saucers from landing.

Zombies are on the range, lurching towards the player’s position. The war is between you and the walking dead. Well aimed drives must be used to blast the zombie horde to avoid being overrun. Powerups add visual effects and gameplay balance. Flaming balls ignite the zombies and explosive balls provide area damage.

Shot data is transmitted from a golf ball to augmented reality glasses and displayed in real time via a HUD. Virtual Caddy provides instant feedback of your shot trajectory along with other parameters such as ball speed, launch angle, distance, spin rate, etc.

Shot data is displayed graphically through an easy to read Heads Up Display (HUD). Parameters such as ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, ball carry, roll travel, and more. Player profile and shot data is stored in the cloud and can be reviewed and analyzed at any time.